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Fiction: A Super Idea (239 words)

I grew up with them having their team meetings in my living room.  My mom was one of their best fighters, and my Dad made a great team parents—helping to sew up suits or wounds and making everyone sandwiches and tea, or sometimes even a nice hot batch of chocolate chip cookies when he knew they’d all had a bad day.

They strategized sitting on the same couches where I watched Saturday morning cartoons in my pajamas.  The lady with the power of suggestion sang me lullabies when I couldn’t get to sleep.  The guy with super strength played toss and catch with me as a toddler, getting me as high as two and half stories before my father nearly died of anxiety and told us to stop.  The human lie detector was a right pain in my ass when I was a teenager.  They had their own friends, and even their own families, but I grew up thinking that all together they made my family.  Like they were all there just for me.

They taught me to fight.  They taught me to lie.  They made sure that I had every single advantage in the world to do anything I wanted with my life.

But every single one of them got really nervous when I said I wanted to be like my mother and join the team.  Suddenly, they decided that I couldn’t do anything that I wanted.

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Fiction: Created (673 words)

“I can’t exist.  Can I? I mean–I am impossible.  I couldn’t be just a random happenstance.  The odds are nonexistent.  I was created, wasn’t I?” Bryna looked up at Morgan, and suddenly he couldn’t meet her eye.  “I was. I was created.  I was designed.  Wow. I shouldn’t exist.  Isn’t that fun?”

Morgan found his voice. “Bryna. It’s not like that.”

“But it is like that, isn’t it?  It’s exactly like that.  I was designed, and I–well, I can’t have been designed for good, huh? I mean. Look at me, Morgan–“. Bryna threw her arms out to the side, and glasses exploded around her. Morgan flinched, but didn’t step away.  “I can’t have meant to be a force for good.  I was designed to do something bad.  And you were sent to keep me in check. You were so determined to keep me from learning all I could do because I am supposed to destroy something, everything, I guess.  And now what? You’ve failed?  Do you have to die now?  Do I have to die now? Because you don’t want to fight me, Morgan.  I’ll win.  I was made this way for reason. No matter what else, I’m sure I was designed to win.”

“Will you be quiet for half a second?” Morgan’s voice was quiet.  Bryna, even with her new-found information and insane desire for power and confusion as for what was going on at the moment, was suddenly afraid.  When Morgan got quiet, he got scary.  New found power or not, Bryna was terrified of quiet Morgan.  “Now. You understand that I don’t have all the answers.  I was only five years old when you were born. I was most certainly not involved with this from the beginning.  Just as you were genetically designed, I have been groomed since I was a child.  I have been told a lot, and I will repeat that all to you now, but I am only aware of what they want me to know.  I will not die.  And if I have any say in it, neither will you.  Do we have an understanding?”

Bryna just stood for a second, blinking. She sank slowly back into her chair.  She covered her mouth with her hand, barely containing a sob.  Then she was crying.  Really crying. She buried her face in her hands and shook with the force of her crying. Without even thinking about it, Morgan rushed forward and wrapped his arms around her, holding her as tightly as he could.  It felt like they sat there for ages, but in reality, it was maybe ten minutes, fifteen most before she sat up of her own volition, unshaken. Morgan stopped squeezing her, but didn’t break contact, his hand still resting on her left shoulder.

“Do I want to know?  Do I want you to tell me?” Bryna asked.

“It’s not going to be easy to hear, and there are certainly going to be parts that you don’t like–but is that enough to prevent you from actually wanting to know? Your decision.”

Bryna reached up and placed both of her hands on top of Morgan’s.  “Can we not do it now? I mean, I think it will just be too much to do it right now.”

“Okay, sure.  We can do it whenever you want.”

“Can I be alone for a bit? Just to wrap my head around everything?”

Morgan looked pained for a second, “Uh, no, I can’t leave you alone now that you know. I don’t believe that you are the kind of person who would want to do harm, but if you did, well–it’s my job to make sure that you don’t. I’ve got to keep my eye on you.”

“This is really not going to end well for you.  You know that, right?”

“Probably, yes, but don’t count me out from the start, Bryna. I’m pretty strong myself, and I’ve had my fair share of training.”  Bryna nodded, not voicing aloud how little good she thought his training would do him.

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Fiction: Law (154 words)

She was a Priestess.  She had been declared one since she was about four months old.  They took her away from her family, and trained her to read the books.  She was taught to study and to believe.  She was taught, accidentally perhaps, but above all else, her word was law.

That was a big mistake.  You see, Rhian didn’t believe in the books that she was taught to read and study.  But she did believe that her word was law, only because people treated her word like law.  And in the hands of a sixteen year old girl, well, a word as law was a very dangerous weapon.  And it was a very dangerous time.  Rhian was promoted to High Priestess, and it was a position that she would hold until she passed on.  The world would change a hundred times in those years.  All because one very intelligent girl’s word was law.

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Fiction: The Feel of Power (368 words)

“You’re afraid of lightning,” he called, and I stopped in my tracks. “Just the idea of a storm makes your skin crawl.  Even now, just the mention makes you want to squirm.”  I went to take another step forward, but found that I couldn’t, he’d gotten my attention.  “You’d never admit it, because you’re pretty sure that people will think you are crazy, but you’re pretty sure you can feel it in your bones when you go in and out of cell service, and even to some degree when you switch from one Wi-Fi router to another.”  I turned slowly on my heel to face him. He was still on the other side of the room, standing in the spot where I told him to stay.  For a very long minute, we just stood there on opposite sides of the space.  He seemed to have lost his nerve now that I was looking at him.  I started to turn away again, but he said “Juliet” and I turned to face him again.

He was blushing.  Not very strongly, but I could see the pink growing on his cheeks.  “I can feel it when wires come loose in their casings.  Or when a battery is about to die.  To be perfectly honest, it—uh—kind of breaks my heart when the battery’s power completely fades away. I lucked out of the thunderstorm fear, but if the power goes out and there is no electricity in the house—the silence kills me.  I lose my mind. I—well,” he fidgeted in his pocket for a second and pulled out a mini-Maglite.  “I carry this around, you know, ‘for light in case of an outage’ but it’s really just for the power of it…the white noise.  Until its batteries die, and then I’m freaking out and heartbroken all in one.”  He slipped the flashlight back into his pocket, and looked up at me, his cheeks still pink. “The point is…you’re not a freak, or at the very least not a one-off freak. If you give us a chance, we can teach you a lot.  Please.” His nerve seemed to vanish entirely as he looked down to his feet.  I genuinely didn’t know what to do.

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Fiction: Time to Be Badass (356 words)

It was the code word she hadn’t realized that she was waiting for.  They had worked their magic so well last time, and for the past two years she had practically forgotten all that she had been trained to do.  All of the things that she had done.

But with three small syllables, it all came rushing back to her, hitting her like a cool breeze.  She stood up a bit straighter and rolled her shoulders in a stretch.  She felt good. She felt tall.  She felt strong.  For the first time in years, she felt free.

She blinked a couple of times and scanned the room.  It was a very crowded mall food court.  There were easily a hundred people in the immediate area.  But her eyes were drawn to him.  There was nothing particularly special about him, not in the way he looked, but to her it was almost like he was standing in a spotlight.

She gave up all pretense of trying to act mature or normal, and all but ran towards him, easily avoiding everyone in-between them.  He caught her quickly by the waist, swinging her in a small circle before putting her back on her feet and holding her tightly.  She leaned back in his grip so that she could study his face property.  He was one of those completely beautiful men; dark hair, bright blue eyes behind black rimmed glasses, nice cheekbones, and when he smiled everything on his face lit up and women took notice.  Even now, out of the corner of her eye, she could see women checking him out rather bluntly.

But that didn’t really matter because he was smiling just for her.  “Oh, I’ve missed you.” He whispered.  Oh that’s right. He had an accent.  Be still her beating heart.

“I’ve missed you too.  Is it time to be bad ass?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go find out.” And just when she thought he never would, he leaned down and kissed her, hard and quick and it sent a shiver right up her spine.  They broke apart, and headed hand in hand out of the mall.

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