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Fiction: Our Place (495 words)

“The joys of being homeowners, love,” Harvey laughed brushing his bangs out of his eyes.

“I hate this,” Nyssa groaned, twisted sideways, holding the pipe in place so that Harvey could get back at it with the wrench.  “I want to have a landlord back.”

“Hold steady, dear,” Harvey sighed as he got the wrench in place, “and no you don’t.   We are taking care of this the same night we found it.   How long do you think it would take if we still lived at the King James house?”

Nyssa tried to blow a piece of her hair away from her eyes, with no luck.  “A month.  If Miss Johnson was in a good mood, it might be three weeks.  But a month easily.”

“Exactly. Okay, I think you can let go, it’s almost as tight as it’s going to go.” Nyssa pulled her arms out from under the table while Harvey tightened all the pieces the last little bit.  He pulled himself up from under the sink and wiped off his hands.  “I think, I hope, that should do it.” He turned to look at the faucet then turned back to face Nyssa. “Do you want to do the honors?”

“Oh, why not?” She sighed, stepping forward, and then flipping up the handle on the sink.

When the water started to flow, they both ducked down together to watch the pipes as if their lives depended on it.  After a solid minute of water flowing without a single drop coming through the pipe, Harvey made a crow of joy and wrapped his arms around Nyssa, knocking them both off balance and ending up with them sprawled across the kitchen floor.

After a lot of (slightly hysterical) laughter, they managed to detangle themselves and get up to turn the water off. This time, Harvey wrapped his arms around Nyssa in a more controlled manner, tipping his head down to kiss her gently on the lips. “This is our place, Ness. Yours and Mine. We can do whatever we want, and we can fix it when things go wrong.”

Nyssa let herself melt against him, turning to stare at the sink again as if it was one of the greatest wonders of the world. “Yeah, I guess it’s not so bad. We can figure this out.”

“Damn right,” Harvey’s joy at fixing the pipe was starting to bubble over again. “Let’s go find something fun to do in order to celebrate our handiness, shall we?”

“If by something fun you mean take a shower and then go to sleep because we both have to be at work much sooner than either of us want to admit, sure. I’m all for it.” Nyssa countered.

Harvey looked at his watch. Twelve fifty-six in the morning. His alarm was set to go off at six am. Suddenly, there was no more bubbling excitement. “Yeah, okay. Good enough for me.”

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Fiction: Timely Gift (267 words)

So, you’ve heard the story of how I got this house, right?  I told you that Danny bought it for me.  He just showed up, day after I turned eighteen, with the keys in his hand, asking me if I wanted out.  And I did—so I came to see this place.  It was old enough to have a good vibe to it, but not so old that things were starting to fall apart.  It’s secluded out here on this peninsula where I can see others, but it hard for them to see me.  The halls, the crannies, the closets—just, it’s perfect.  Everything about this house is perfect.

Sometimes—I wonder if he didn’t build it for me.  Get to know me, go back, design it just the way I’d like it.  That’s why it didn’t have any long-term residents before me.  They liked the house—but it was perfectly designed for someone else.  They couldn’t truly fall in love with it.  And then Danny got his hands on it again and it became mine.  And I’m never going to let it go.

I’ve never asked—because even if I did he’d never tell me.  He’d be too modest or too proud or too—Danny.  I mean, you know how he gets.  But I like thinking that he did.  It’s like thinking of him as my own Guardian Angel.  He goes back in time and sets my life right for me.  So—he couldn’t cure my crippling social anxieties—but he’ll try to make me as sane as he can in the meantime.  And damn if he hasn’t helped in his own ways.

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