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A Bit of a Break

For two years, I’ve been updating this site every single day.  That is a short story every day for over seven hundred days.  That is a lot of writing, and a lot of posting, and a lot of work.

So, as a Christmas present to me, I’ve decided to take the end of December off.  I’ll relax, spend time with family and friends, and be ready to take on the new year with vigor.

So, thank you all for being patient, enjoy the mid-winter holiday of your choice, and I will see you all on January 1st.

~Bekah Beth

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One Year Down

One year down.

I’ve written three hundred and sixty five short stories (or segments of stories) and posted them up on this blog.  I certainly didn’t think that this would last a full year. I have a (usually pretty realistic) view of exactly what my follow through looks like, and for some reason, this year with this project was full of follow through.  And I’m not bored yet, not annoyed yet, still really enjoying creating posts for every day.  So—here’s to the start of a second year.

If you’ve been reading since the beginning, thank you.  If you picked up somewhere in the middle of all this, thank you, too.  If you’ve just started reading with this post—well, then you’re probably a little confused, but feel free to go back through the last year worth of stories, and keep reading to find out how long I can go without missing a day.

Thank you.  Here’s to being weird.


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