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…And a Happy New Year…

Well, 2016 is finally coming to a close. This has been a interesting year for many people, and that hasn’t been any different for me. A lot good. Even more bad. To be honest, I’m ready for the year to be over.

But I’m a bright side of life kind of person (or at least I try very hard to be) so even though 2016 has been terrible for me, 2017 is right around the corner. And frankly, it can only go up from here.

I’m taking the last week of the year off–because family and friends and holidays are the way to end a year who has not treated you well.  Stay safe and warm through the end of the year, and I will see you all January 2, 2017.

Have a happy new year, guys. I’ll see you soon.


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Fiction: Holidays (159 words)

It was October.  Which meant it was time for the usual argument.


“We did Christmas with your family last year. It’s time to do Christmas with my family,” Phillip sighed.

“Yeah, but we also did Easter, father’s day, both our birthdays and thanksgiving with your family last year.  Christmas was all I had last year.” Reinette countered, “If you are going to insist on Thanksgiving with your family again, then I am going to insist on Christmas with mine.  It’s only fair.”

Phillip drummed his fingers against his chin in thought.  Which did he want more? Christmas or Thanksgiving?

“So, whoever gets Thanksgiving, the other gets Christmas?” Phillip confirmed.

Reinette watched for a second, trying to see if there was some kind of trick in the question, but then conceded. “Yes, whoever gets Thanksgiving, the other gets Christmas. And I honestly don’t care which one I get.”

“Alright,” Phillip nodded, “I’ll think about and get back to you.”


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A Bit of a Break

For two years, I’ve been updating this site every single day.  That is a short story every day for over seven hundred days.  That is a lot of writing, and a lot of posting, and a lot of work.

So, as a Christmas present to me, I’ve decided to take the end of December off.  I’ll relax, spend time with family and friends, and be ready to take on the new year with vigor.

So, thank you all for being patient, enjoy the mid-winter holiday of your choice, and I will see you all on January 1st.

~Bekah Beth

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