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Fiction: Just an Accident (181 words)

To say Bess felt guilty would be the understatement of the century.  Dean told her it wasn’t her fault. Shauna told her it wasn’t her fault. Her parents, her therapist, everyone in the world was telling her the accident wasn’t her fault.

And in her head, Bess knew it wasn’t.  The accident was caused by a driver on hallucinogens who went off the road and crashed into the building. Her head told her that she couldn’t have known what the stranger was going to do. She couldn’t spend her whole life fearing coffee shops on the off-chance that a car would come barreling through the window. It was unrealistic.

And yet, Bess still felt guilty.  Something in her heart reminded her that if she hadn’t asked Tay to meet her there, he wouldn’t be dead. If she’d picked a different time, different day, different café, Tay would be alive, home right now with his wife, planning the next stages of their lives. It was a heartbreaking fact of life. How was she going to find a way to live with that?

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