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Fiction: Melanie’s Threat (504 words)

“I don’t trust you.” Anthony turned around to see his fiancée’s older sister, Melanie, standing there. Somehow, they ended up the last two in the room. He couldn’t remember ever being alone with her before. There was something unsettling about it.

“I’m sorry? I must have misheard you,” he laughed, trying to ease the tension. She smiled, but it didn’t make the feeling in the room any better.

“I don’t trust you. My gut tells me you are going to hurt my sister. And I trust my gut.” She elaborated. She looked at him for a second longer, her eyes narrowing, and he suddenly felt very small. She was half a foot shorter than him, eight years his junior, and his fiancée’s nerdy sister. How was she making them this nervous? “If you hurt her—bad things will happen to you. And yes. That is a threat.”

Anthony was starting to get a little mad now. Who did she think she was? “Well, I’m sure Madison will be glad to hear that you threatened her fiancé at their engagement party.” He tried to counter.

This time, she laughed. It was a light, sweet laugh that reminded him of Madison. He found that even more unsettling. “Oh, I’m sure she won’t like it.  I’ll probably get a stern talking to. ‘Melanie Angela, where do you get off talking to him like that?’” Melanie smiled kindly, lost in thought of her little sister. Then she gave a little shake of her head, and refocused her attention on Anthony. “But she’ll still believe it’s an empty threat. You see, my family doesn’t know what I do with my free time, or who my friends really are. They wouldn’t believe that I could hurt you in any real way.”  She took a step towards him, and he took an automatic step back. She smiled again. “What is important is that you believe I could hurt you.” She took another step forward and he scrambled back until he hit the wall behind him, putting as much space between them as possible. “Excellent.”  She turned around, heading back towards the life of the party. “I’ll be watching you, Anthony.  If I can stop you from hurting my sister, I certainly will.  Make sure not to slip up, okay?”

With a final glance back at him, she left the room—and it was almost like a spell was broken. Anthony laughed at himself, pushing away from the wall and straightening his shirt. Melanie was a geeky homebody. Her friends were obsessed with Doctor Who and Harry Potter. He could understand a sister’s need to protect but really? Such theatrics? Well, he guessed that living half her life in the worlds of fiction, would leave her with delusions of grandeur.  He was an idiot for falling for it.

He stepped back out into the party, and wrapped his arms around Madison’s waist. He spared a glance for the laughing Melanie, discussing some show with her mother.

Really, what could she do anyway?

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Fiction: Planning (169 words)

Planning their wedding was an interesting experience for Lucinda.  She’d never been sure that she was ever going to get married.  She was never sure that she was the settling down kind.  When she thought about her wedding as a child, as a teenager, even as a younger adult, all she could think of was the Ends that a marriage represented. It was the end of dating. The end of flirty nights out at the bar.  It was the end of the first moments of falling in love. It was the end of changing her life on a whim, because she would be sharing her life with someone else then. All those ends and so much more.

But with Elijah—it was different.  It wasn’t the end. It was the beginning of so much more than Lucinda could have ever imagined. And with him, it wasn’t even hard to face the ends. So planning their wedding was definitely interesting.  It was so much easier than she had ever expected.

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Fiction: Diamonds (317 words)

His mom was half under her bed, legs sticking out at strange angles. “Mom, come on.  What is so important?”

“Patience, Thomas,” Was the muffled response, and then there was a bit of flailing and she disappeared a little further under the bed.

“It’s not like I have a lot of experience with this, but I’m assuming it’s not normal behavior for a mother to half bury herself under her bed when her son says he’s thinking of proposing to his girlfriend.  Is this a mental break down? Are you having a midlife crisis?”

“Shut your face, Thomas Andrew.”  He laughed at the face he knew his mother was making under the bed, even though he couldn’t see it. There was a bit more rustling and then, “Got it! Help pull me out.”

Thomas stooped down and pulled on each of his mother’s ankles, helping to slide her out from under the bed.  And he saw immediately what she had grasped in her hand.  She flipped the little velvet box open and handed it to her son.  “Are you done mocking me, or should I put your present back?”

“God, Mom, it’s beautiful.” He took the box out of her hands and examined the ring from every angle.  “What are you doing with perfect engagement rings stored under your bed?”

“It was your Granny Marmie’s.  And her grandmother’s before that, if I remember correctly.  But, I figured that if you have half as good a marriage as Granny Marmie and Grandpa Tommy, then you are still doing more than alright.”

Thomas reached out and grabbed his mother, pulling her into a tight hug.  “Thanks, Mom. Thank you so much.”

“Don’t think anything of it, Thomas,” she sighed, standing on her tiptoes so she could kiss him on the top of the head like she’d done when he was a child.  “Just make sure to make her happy.”

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Fiction: Plans for the Night (479 words)

Not too much had changed in the last few months.    In fact, this might have just been any Friday night since Bette moved to LA.  Bette and Finn sat side by side on the couch, laughing at some stupid movie, a bowl of candy in one lap and popcorn in the other, lights turned low to make the most movie theatre like atmosphere, just two friends enjoying an amusing night after a tough couple days at work.

Two things revealed their new statuses in each other’s lives. When they were just friends, Bette probably wouldn’t have let Finn rest his hand on her hip like that, tracing little lines on the skin that was exposed between her t-shirt and jeans, and the three stone ring that Bette wore on her left hand that had their initials engraved on the inside of the band.

The phone rang, and Finn checked the screen before answering.  “Hey, Carter,” he answered smoothly, struck with a sense of déjà vu about the whole thing.  They’d been watching this movie months ago when Carter called them, and the night ended with a proposal, and the week ended with an actual engagement. What would happen now? “What’s up?”

Finn watch Bette fumble with the remote to pause the movie, and look up at him with a smile to see what Carter wanted.  Unfortunately, when she smiled up at him like that, Finn completely forgot to actually listen to what Carter had to say.

“I’m sorry, man, I got distracted for a second there. Can you say that again?”  Finn tried not to laugh at the face Bette made when she realized she was the distraction.

“Ah, is Bette home?” Carter asked.

“Yeha, she’s right here.”

“Are you guys like—busy, busy?”

Finn laughed and rolled his eyes.  He could just imagine the disgusted look on Carter’s face.  “Carter, no.  I can assure you right now, If Bette and I are ever having sex when you call, I will not answer the phone.”

“Damn straight,”  Bette added, popping an M&M in her mouth.

“Fair enough.  Well since you aren’t getting lucky, do you guys want to come out with us?”

Finn slid the mouthpiece of the phone away from his mouth.  “Do we want to go out with Carter and the mysterious ‘us’?”

“Dancing or a show?” Bette asked.

Carter answered the question before Finn could ask it, and Finn dutifully repeated allowed, “Bands down at H2O. There will be food and booze and Liz is probably not coming.”

Bette thought it over for a second and then said, “Hey, why not? I’ll go put on some going out pants.”

Finn watched as Bette jumped off the couch and skipped backed towards their bedroom.  It took much longer than it should have for him to realize that Carter was still talking.  “Sorry, man, distracted, run that by me again.”

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