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Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Early Bird

Sunrise was an acquired taste. At first it came as bitter, as Rachel pulled herself up out of bed to the blare of an alarm, got dressed in the semi-darkness of the first rays of sun filtering in through her window, eating breakfast as her kitchen got lighter, and sticking to a strict time for leaving to make sure that she was driving to work early enough that the sun was still behind the low buildings or late enough that the sun was high enough that she wasn’t burning her eyes out while she made her grumpy way to work.

But slowly, she started to notice the little things.

The first she noticed was traffic. Heading to work, she would see a car or two, and that’s about it. There was the occasional frustrating stop light that was on a timer instead of a sensor, that drove her mad, but other than that, the drive to work was so much more enjoyable. It took her less time to get to work, and she found herself in a better and a better mood when she got there.

Then she started to notice the stillness.  Since most sane jobs didn’t have start times until later—there were very few people moving around in the morning. She could look out her window while she was eating breakfast, and with the exception of the occasional bird, there was a stillness outside that made the whole view out her window look almost like a painting, one that just slightly changed every morning as the seasons went through their cycle.

Lastly, she noticed the quiet. She’d lived in apartment buildings her entire life, so she was used to hearing pipes and steps and people through walls. Her life was always surrounded by the busy through and through and other lives around her. But—when your alarm went off so god awful early, most people weren’t moving yet. No pipes, no footfalls, no annoying teenagers screaming at each other in the apartment next door. Walking down to her car, there wasn’t anyone banging on doors, or dropping things on the stairs, or any of that nonsense.


So, after months—they asked her if she wanted to move back to the normal schedule, the 9-5, and she answered without even thinking about it. She liked being up before sunrise.

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Fiction: Early Alarm (184 words)

He laughed when he saw Haley.  She was half asleep, blinking in the low light, with a dazed look on her face like she wasn’t entirely sure where she was at the moment.  Her clothes technically matched, an outfit that she would wear on a normal day, but with a slightly ruffled appearance that he had the feeling came from the fact that she tried to get dressed without actually having to stand up or get off her bed.  And all of that would have been funny enough, but was just complimented with the fact that she sat in her swivel chair, absent-mindedly stroking the grey cat that had curled up in her lap.  He thought she looked like the world’s sleepiest bond villain.

“No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to snore.” He quipped.

She blinked up at him, and a full forty-five seconds later said “What?”

He laughed again, taking the cat out of her lap.  “Nothing.  Come on, the car is packed and we should hit the road if we want to get to your parents’ house in time for dinner.”

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