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Fiction: Allies (181 words)

“Did your mother believe you?” David asked as River slumped into a chair.

“She did, actually.  Without a moment’s hesitation.  Just asked me if I did it, and when I said no, that was it.”  River said quietly.

“Wow.” David stopped in his crossing the room, stunned.  “I did not expect that.”

River looked up at David wide-eyed.  “To be honest, neither did I.”

David pulled another chair up to River’s, raising an eyebrow. “I thought you were sure your mom would be on our side.  I thought you said she’d be an amazing all, and all you would have to do is speak to her.”

River shrugged, staring a little past David now.  “I thought I would have to convince her–remind her again and again how I’ve never lied to her.  I knew she’d be on my side, I just though I’d have to fight her, to convince her.  I thought–”  River blinked hard and refocused her gaze on David.  “I think I underestimated my mother.”

David reached out and patted River on the knee.  “I’m sorry, sweetheart. So sorry.”

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