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Fiction: Better to Come (99 words)

I let them go. It had been hard, to give them up. I loved them more than I had ever loved anyone or anything. And I genuinely thought that I would have died giving them up.

I survived. I came out on the other side heartbroken and ragged, but alive. They are better for it. And I guess I’m probably better for it too. I just don’t feel like it.

Sacrifice is worth it, they say. That in the long run, I will feel good for doing what I did to help them. Today, I just want to die.

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Fiction: Alone (99 words)

She lived alone for most of her life. It just came naturally for her to be retreated away from everyone. Even she lived in town—she was happiest when left to her own devices, tucked away from the rest of the world.

She found a job that required only an internet connection. She logged in the morning to find her list of tasks, worked until she completed them, then turned off her computer until the next morning. And when she’d saved up, she bought a house in the middle of nowhere and went off to hide in the woods.

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Fiction: It Was Mutual (99 words)

I guess this is goodbye. I know—neither of us wanted it to end this way. If we could somehow make it perfect, I know we would—but it’s not fair of either of us to conform to the other ideals of perfection, now is it?  No, we have to admit that we are simply not right for each other.

So—No hard feelings, right? We will have good memories of each other and look back on our relationship fondly, but if any kind of luck is on our side, we will never have to see each other again.

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Fiction: Beach (99 words)

The sun warmed her face, and she closed her eyes and lifted her chin to get the best exposure to it. She took a deep breath, and the whole thing smelled like home, even though she was still miles and miles and miles away. In spite of the sound of children screaming and parents yelling and seagulls screeching–She felt a ridiculous sense of calm.

“Thank you,” She said aloud. “This was exactly what I needed.” She felt a pair of arms slip around her waist, and she let herself  fall back into the embrace. “Absolutely the best surprise gift ever.”

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Fiction: Rules (99 words)

I broke the rules.  Even as I was breaking them, I didn’t think much about them. It was too tempting, and too distracting. And to be honest, even brokenhearted, I don’t regret it.  Because it was too beautiful while it happened to truly be bad.

But my advice to you, if you can take it. Be prepared to hurt more than you could ever imagine. Because great gains always come with great losses. And if you can’t decide the losses are worth it, then don’t dare look at the forbidden fruit.  Not even once.  Because you cannot look back.

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Fiction: Safety (99 words)

I didn’t want to leave them behind, you understand.  They had been my friends for as long as I can remember.  And the truth of the matter is that if I felt any security what so ever, I would have stayed and fought for them and with them.

But someone was trying to kill me, and someone was trying to kill my son.  I had to do what I thought was right.  I had to do what I thought would keep my baby safe.

And I don’t feel guilty about that.  Not at all.

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Fiction: Save the World (99 words)

“So, are you ready to save the world?” Zoe grinned, patting Stephen firmly on the back.

“Uh, I guess so,” Stephen flinched a little.  He still wasn’t always sure what to make of Zoe, especially when Kevin wasn’t there to play middle man.  “Is that what we’re doing today?”

“Every day that we make a good difference in the world, we are saving it all, bit by bit,” Zoe said simply, “Surely you’re learned that by now?”

Zoe looked at him with such earnest that Stephen swallowed hard. “Of course, I’ve learned that now, Zoe.”

Zoe’s smile grew easily.  “Good.  Off we go then.”

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