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Fiction: Forgetting (276 words)

here was more to her than she knew, more to her than she could understand.  More to her than she could wrap her mind around.  She was something so spectacular wrapped up into a human body against all the laws of nature that were put into place to prevent exactly that.  Micayla Andersen existed because her mother and father broke a hundred different rules of the universe itself, and her very existence was ripping apart the very fabric of nature and of human kind.

As long as she didn’t know who or what she was, everything was fine.  But she started to ask questions about her long missing mother.  She began to research things that she had every right to research, but really shouldn’t be researching.  She slowly began to realize how she existed. She slowly began to understand exactly what she was. And as she did, the world start to dissolve around her. Almost literally.

So, she had to forget.  They could do it. Make her forget. Rather easily, actually.  It was technology that had existed for a long time, but they had put laws in place to prevent the world from abusing it.  But this wasn’t the world, and it wasn’t abuse of power.  This was a twenty-five year old woman, her father, and her two best friends.  They made the decision, and they put it all into action. Micayla Andersen couldn’t die, but she couldn’t continue to exist.

So, she forgot. In that way, she could not exist, and yet not die.  In that way, her family, her father, her friends, they could protect her. And in that way, she could protect the world.

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