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Fiction: Unanswered (518 words)

Darren paced the length of his room, seven steps each way.  He’d never tried to bring The Woman to him before—to summon her to answer his questions.  But he had to try this time.  He needed answers and she would be able to give him some.  He was sure of it.

He paced for the better part of two hours before there was a soft tapping on the door.  He swung the door open so hard that the doorknob left a mark on the wall where it bounced back.  The Woman was there, in her usual black hoodie and blue jeans.  She did at least have the decency to look a little bit ashamed of herself.

“You wanted to see me?” She asked, stepping into his bunk.  He slammed the door behind her, but she didn’t flinch.  She just sat down in her usual spot on the edge of his bed.

“What the fuck?”  Darren started in.  He was going to try to be more civil about the whole thing—but he found he was just too pissed off to even start civil.

“I know, I know.” She buried her face in her hands.

“Willow? Why? I mean, of all people Willow?” Darren spat.

“I know,” The Woman sat up straight again, “I know, you’re mad at me and I know that you probably have a hundred questions that you want to ask me—and I hope you can understand when I tell you that I can’t really answer any of your questions.  It just can’t work that way here.  I can’t tell you more than you already know.  It would unbalance everything.”

“Willow is dead,” Darren yelled, “Willow is dead and it’s your fault.”  He looked at her like he expected her to deny it.

She didn’t.  “Yes. Willow is dead, and it is my fault.”

“And you refuse to answer any questions I have on the matter?”  Darren confirmed.

“Yes. I refuse to answer any questions.  Because you can’t know.  I am here so that you can let off some steam—take out your anger on me, because I probably do deserve it.  But I won’t answer any of your questions.”  She folded her hands carefully in her lap and fixed him with a level stare.  “Now.  Do you want to scream some more, or should I just go?”

Darren considered his options for a moment.  He would like to scream at this woman who had all the answers and refused to give him any—but at the same time, he couldn’t.  He did understand that she could’ answer his questions.  He didn’t like it, and he wasn’t exactly sure why he understood.  But he did understand, and that didn’t make him feel any better.

“Get out.” His voice was level.  His mind was calm.  This woman wouldn’t be troubling him again. He could already feel t in his bones.  It was time for her to go.  “Get out.”

And she left, without a word, without a backwards glance, without any indication that she would be back at all.  And Darren was okay with that.


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