Post-Election Opinions

08 Nov

I always feel a little sick the day after election day. It doesn’t matter if the candidates I voted for won or lost (this year it was a combination of both for me), I always get this slightly unsettled feeling in my stomach, and spend the day feeling kind of detached from the world. Elections bring out the worst in some people, and unfortunately, I almost always run into at least one, if not several, of them in the wake right after elections.  Their side lost so this city/county/state/country is going downhill fast. The people who voted against them are idiots/bigots/treehuggers/lazy/greedy.  Those people should be arrested. Those people should be made to see sense, physically if necessary. Those people should go ahead and die already.

I will say very clearly now that I am SICK of hearing it. I hated hearing it when I was on the winning side, said against me. I hated hearing it, even more, when I’m on the losing side and it’s said by people who I would normally agree with and respect. We are not okay as a city/county/state/country if this is our response to one of the literal core concepts of a democracy. The ‘Us and Them’ mentality is never going to get us ANYWHERE. We don’t debate anymore, we argue, we scream. We don’t try to understand anymore, we dismiss people as idiots and children. I have been guilty of this in the past, I think every human being has–but I am trying very hard to be more open-minded, to understand where people are coming from, in the hopes that more people will do the same for me. Even if we all walk away without a single change in our political beliefs, maybe we can walk away remembering that everyone else is a human being too, and their feelings are real feelings, even if we disagree. We have to meet in the middle. The world will never give you everything you want–a fact I was taught as a toddler, so why are we so determined to not accept anything less than perfection. We have to learn to compromise again. I want to be proud of my city/county/state/country. But first, we have to put behind ‘Us and Them’ and go back to ‘We.’ After all, it’s supposed to be ‘We the People’ right?


Maybe this was a lot of anger and just shouting into the wind–but I’ve got to try to say something, right?


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