Fiction: Home Early (507 words)

29 May

Josephine had dropped her bag in the entryway, her keys still in her hand, hovering half way to the little hook where she usually hung them in the front room. She stared wide-eyed at him, just short of open-mouthed.

He smiled back at her—that little half twist of a smirk that she had seen many times before when he managed to pull off a surprise, like the time she thought he’d forgotten her birthday and made a panicked last minute reservation only to find her whole family waiting there for her in surprise. This was so much better than that time though.  Part of that was the fact that she still thought he looked damned fine in his uniform.

“Do you want me to go?” He asked, knowing full well that the answer was no, “Charlie can probably house me for a night or two.”

“Vince!” The keys joined the bag on the floor, and she ran forward, jumping at him at the last second, trusting him to catch her. He did catch her, kissing her as he wrapped his arms around her waist and she wrapped his legs around his back. “Thirteen more days. You’re not supposed to be here for thirteen more days.”

“Well, I can leave,” He smiled, easing her back down onto her feet. “I’m sure that Jack will let me crash with him for thirteen days.”

“No, don’t you dare leave.” She was standing on her own two feet again, but her arms were still wrapped tightly around his shoulders, forcing him to stoop just a bit to make up for their height differences. “How did you do this?”

“I called in a favor. And if we’re honest, got a little bit lucky.” He pressed his forehead against hers. “God, it’s so good to be home again.”

“And you’re really home? Here for good?” She asked eagerly.

“I’ve got to go in for a couple of days when the rest of the company gets home, to wrap some things up and finish the final paperwork. But after that, I’m all yours for a long while.” He brought his hands up to both sides of her face, holding her gently there, but not kissing her again yet.

“Okay.” She pulled away from him slowly like if she stepped away from him he might vanish from in front of her. Finally, she took a step and a half back, so that even his hands fell away from her face. The look on her face was still a strange mix of joy and disbelief. “Okay. I think. We need to not be in the living room anymore.” He raised an eyebrow, but she looked briefly around the room and nodded. “Yes. I think it would be best if we went upstairs. Like now.”

That goofy smiled grew across Vince’s face again. “Very well, Missus of the house. If you insist.”

“Oh, I do,” She turned on her heel, and he chased her up to their room. It was good to be home.

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