15 May

As of Friday, my parents have gone three for three in children with Bachelor’s Degrees. My brother and sister graduated together from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, WAY more commonly known as Virginia Tech.

My brother, who took time off on his way to his degree, is now graduating with way more fire and focus and desire than I have ever had about my future or my career. He’s using the degree to get the certifications he needs and to start working his way up the ladder.

My sister seems a bit more flexible in her plans. I know she wants to sign up with AmeriCorps, and she had expressed a desire to work in the non-profit sector, but as she told me on Friday, “It’s hard to believe it’s really over. After High School, it was just four more years of the same but different. Now–I’m really done.”  She’ll figure it out though. Our family seems to have luck on our side, plan or not, we land on our feet.


I am beyond proud of the both of them. I am so lucky to get to call myself their older sister. And even though I’m pretty sure they stopped reading this blog years ago (if they every actually did) I felt the need to say it in such a public and open forum.

Way to go, guys!

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