#4 Most Viewed Fiction: Legal Theft: Legends (206 words)

21 Mar

“The story says that she was created by a smile from the Gods upon her mother. She was born without pain to her mother, and because of that she was blessed to lead a strong and powerful life.” Jasmine added some mystical finger wagging to add some weight to the legend.

“And you believe that?” Gretchen asked, wide eyed.

Jasmine let her hands fall to her side and scoffed.  “No. She was created because her mother was a randy woman with old fashioned ideas of how to prevent a pregnancy.  If she was born without pain to her mother, it’s because her mother was drugged up at the time of her birth.  I knew that family too well to believe any of that nonsense. She’s a strong warrior, yes, and she’s worked very hard to get where she is now.  But she’s not magical. And she shouldn’t be a legend.”

Gretchen narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. “Jazzy, you are just determined to suck all the magic and the wonder out of everything, aren’t you?”

Jasmine shrugged and turned back to the papers she had been reading earlier.  “Show me something deserving of magic and wonder, and we can discuss it then.”


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