Fiction: Legal Theft Project–A Sibling’s Rage (510 words)

10 Mar

It had been a long time since Holly felt like steam was bound to come out of her ears.  She stomped down the sidewalk circling the lake, knowing that her hips and knees would not appreciate it tomorrow morning, but it felt good to get the anger out now. Last time she had been this angry she was five years younger—but even then, thirty-six was not a good age to be stomping on concrete, and forty-one was even worse. But then again it was Tom.

Only one person in the world could make her this angry. That man was her twin brother Thomas. Her older twin brother, he liked to point out, but she just wished he would act a little bit more like it. He was a father, for goodness sake. A father of three. She appreciated that he wanted to love and to find his soul mate or whatever it was he thought was out there—but the priority of his kids should come first.

This last one was quite a catch. Madison. Just saying her name made Holly feel sick. Anyone could see that she was only sticking around because Tom was willing to support her financially, and didn’t ask too many questions about what she did. Refusing to tell him what she would do for days at a time…it was a warning sign itself. On top of that, Holly had warned Tom. His oldest daughter had warned Tom. But he “admired her free spirit.” Even after she had a daughter of her own, she would just leave the baby at home for days while she went “on a trip.”

She was gone again. But—this time it seemed like she was gone for good. True, she’d been gone less than a day—but the fact that she had stolen everything of value from the house and the bank accounts she had access to were now completely drained. Even Tom could read those signs.

That’s why he came here today. To ask for Holly’s help. Because the latest girl, the most recent baby mama, had taken everything, and now he wasn’t confident in his ability to feed his children with any kind of longevity, let alone keep a roof over their head.  He didn’t listen to Holly’s advice, and now he was here asking her to bail him out.

And an evil part of her wanted to say no. Part of her wanted to tell him that he made his own bed now it was time to lay in it.

But of course, she couldn’t do that, because she loved her nieces and her nephew. She wasn’t going to make them suffer or go wanting because their father was kind of an idiot.  She was going to help them out so that they could get everything they deserved, but she was going to make sure that she found a way to make her brother suffer, at least a little, for the stupid situation that he has gotten himself into.  After all, that only seemed fair.

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