Fiction: Hurt (580 words)

09 Mar

“Don’t worry. I got you.” He wrapped his arm around her back, pulling her to lean on him as they took a few steps further up the steep path.

“I don’t feel so good,” She whispered, and his heart nearly broke.

“I know, I know. Come on. Let’s just get a little bit further. Then we can rest,” He tighten his grip on her waist as she stumbled, making sure to keep her upright.

Hana wasn’t the fighter. That was her sister, Harlowe’s job, Harlowe was the fighter, the trained solider.   Even Conlyn himself had been a fighter all his life. But Hana—She hated fighting. She kept things going at home. She kept the farm running. She helped take care of the kids whose parents were off at war. She planed the burial for the soldiers who had no one else to plan for them.

She wasn’t supposed to be the one who got hurt.

“Conlyn,” She whispered, “I think I am in trouble.”

“Maybe a little,” He undersold, “But we’ve been in trouble before, right? Have I ever not gotten you out of trouble?”

Her laugh was weak, but still reassuring. “You always get us into trouble. It’s only fair that you get us out again.”

“Exactly. I’ll get us out of this too.  I love you, remember. Do you remember the last promise I made you?” He asked, pulling her a little tighter to steady her walking.

“You promised me that you were going to marry me.” She said almost dreamily. He couldn’t tell if she was dreamy about the thought of marrying him—or if it was due to the blood loss.

“That’s right. So, I am going to marry you. As soon as we get home. You don’t want to make a liar out of me, now do you?”

“No,” Hana’s voice was barely a whisper, but they had just come over the crest of the hill and Conlyn could see the little medical building down in front of them.  Just down the hill, maybe fifteen feet or so. “I love you, Conlyn.”

“I love you too, Angel. Just a little bit farther.”

“Okay,” Hana slumped against him, “Okay. I trust you.”

Conlyn’s knees buckled as Hana stopped supporting her own weight completely, hitting his side hard.  He turned to brace her so that she wouldn’t fall and hit the ground, falling to his knees as he went. He couldn’t get back up. He couldn’t carry her weight. And he couldn’t just leave her here.

“Help!” He shouted, not taking his eyes off Hana to see if anyone was listening. “Please, someone help me!”

It seemed like it took ages for anyone to come as he shouted, but it might also have only been a minute. Two women were suddenly by his side, helping Conlyn to lift Hana and get her to the building, asking him what had happened and how long she’d been injured, and a hundred other questions that Conlyn hadn’t realized he was answering, still unable to look away from her.

One of the women finally put her hand on Conlyn’s shoulder, asking him to wait outside while they took her in to work.  He grabbed her hand with desperation, looking her in the eye. “Hana means everything to me. Everything.”

The woman gave him a smile, pulling her hand free. “We will do everything we can. I promise, she’s in good hands.” Then she went inside leaving him outside to wait.

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