Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Fog Warning (519 words)

03 Mar

Woodsdown fog was a menace all by itself. In the wintery months, fog often filled the little town—but every now and then the Proper Fog would strike. It didn’t happen often, but when it did, it rolled in so suddenly and so thickly that any travel within the Woodsdown city limits came to a screeching halt. It was illegal to move a motor vehicle when the Proper Fog rolled into town. The alert went out over the radio, on the TV, and through the emergency alert text system that almost everyone in the little town was signed up for these days. Everyone was supposed to pull their car to the shoulders, and wait for the all clear alert to come through, letting them move freely again.

“I have never been so bored in my entire life!” Craig cried, as they quickly approached hour three of sitting in the car with nothing but dark grey on all sides.

“Yeah, well, what do you expect me to do about it?” Jeremy snipped back. He’d laid his seat back as far as it could go and was trying to take a nap while they waited, hindered almost entirely by having the restless Craig in his passenger seat, “I told you to bring a book or something in case we got stuck. Everyone knows Proper Fog season is a gamble.” Jeremy added, perhaps a bit smugly.

“I’m supposed to be home right now,” Craig whined. “I’m supposed to be in my living room chair with an open beer and a bowl of pretzels being yelled at by some over compensating twelve-year-old when I kill more space aliens then him. This has been the week from hell, and I feel like I’ve earned that much.” Craig kicked his feet up on top of the dashboard.

Jeremey let out a dark chuckle. “Oh, you want to play that game, huh? I am supposed to be at home, naked, sleeping happily tangled up with my wife, who is also naked, both wonderfully satisfied because we’ve been married for a whopping sixteen days, seven of which I spent on the business trip from hell with you,  and now all I want to do is get some sleep so that the fog lifting comes all that much sooner and I can be wrapped up in her arms again.”

There was a moment of almost silence while Craig tapped the heel of his foot gently against the dashboard. “Yeah, okay,” he finally conceded, “You win that one.”

“Thank you. Can we please get some sleep now?” Jeremy was on the edge of begging, “I’m sure our phones will wake us up when they send the all-clear.”

“Fine.” Craig slammed his seat back flat like Jeremy’s. “But I’m warning you right now, if you don’t wake up to the sound of the all clear, I’m reserving the right to wake you up by poking you with something very sharp.”

“Fair enough, now, goodnight.” Jeremy gave a little huff and turned his back towards Craig.  Craig shut his eyes too—hoping that either sleep or the all clear came soon.

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