Fiction: Night Shift (544 words)

20 Feb

It had been a long day. A very long day. She had to deal with stupid customers and stupid bosses. All she wanted to do was fall in her husband’s arms or lap, and rant about the stupidity she had to deal with.

She expected him to be in the living room, playing some game over the internet with his brother because that’s what he tended to do when he had a chunk of spare time—but the TV was off and the living room was dark. Curiously, she stuck her head into the kitchen to see if he was making himself a snack, but there was no husband there either. As she headed towards the bedroom, she listened for the shower, but didn’t hear any water running. If he went out, he would have left her a note on her bedside table, saying when he’d be back and if she should expect him for dinner. She didn’t make it all the way to the bedside table.

“Okay. This is ridiculous.” She griped, coming into the bedroom to see the lump that was her husband still asleep under the blankets. She ripped back the covers and he groaned, groping wildly for the pillows to hide behind. “Get up.”

“I work nights now,” he complained, like she hadn’t been aware of that every night for the last four months. “I need my sleep.”

She took the pillow away from him as well in one quick, practiced motion. He stole the second one off her side of the bed and buried his face. She sighed, meeting more of a fight as she tried to pull this one away too. “You got in bed at 4:13 this morning. I know, because you flopped down on the bed and nearly bounced me out of it. It is currently–” she stopped the tug of war on the second pillow to check her watch, “5:46 pm. For the love of all good things please tell me that you got up and did something today.”

He lowered the pillow slowly away from his face, giving her the smallest, most sheepish smile. “Have I told you that you look absolutely lovely today? You’re a mighty fine woman.”

“Nothing at all?” She groaned, tossing the slightly twisted pillows back into the spots at the head of the bed.  “At least tell me that you have the night off and you don’t have to leave here in less than an hour.”

“I have the night off,” he confirmed, smiling like a child who did well in school that day, “I don’t have to leave her in less than an hour.”

“Excellent.” She sat down on the edge of the bed and started to take off her shoes, “That means that you are well rested and refreshed and ready to make dinner for your lovely wife who spent the whole working day on her feet.”

He opened his mouth to start to complain, but she narrowed her eyes just slightly and he turned the complaint into a smile. “Of course, love, angel, sweetie, beautiful wife who I am gladly sharing my life with. I would gladly make the most delicious of dinners just for you.”

“That’s what I thought you said,” she replied, blowing him a kiss.

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