Fiction: Shooting Range (509 words)

07 Feb

“I hate this game,” Aden muttered pulling the used targets from their clips and putting in the new ones.  Demi and Brenna shared a look and a smile, trying to decide if anyone should mention to Aden that this whole thing had been his idea—he’d dragged them out of their dorms on a lazy Saturday to play a shooting game. It wasn’t Brenna’s fault that she had always been a better shot than him. It wasn’t Brenna’s fault that they both went to the same classes, and that even as Aden became a better shot, that Brenna became a better shot as well.

They all knew how the day was going to go. Aden would run them through the whole slew of training guns, matching against Brenna. Demi came along and shot as well, but since she was always such a terrible shot it was more just for the company than to be part of the actual competition.

Aden would insist that the next gun was the one that he was better at—the one he knew he could use to beat her.  He never would beat her marksmanship. And it wasn’t like it was close, Brenna would always greatly outstrip his score. Aden’s phrase was always the same. “I hate this game.”  It was tradition.  From there, Demi and Brenna could change it up how they felt on that particular day.

“A little more practice, Aid. You’re getting better,” Demi offered. Aden just turned and glared at his twin sister. “Well, at least you are better than me,” Demi grinned stupidly wide at her brother, and despite himself he started to smile a little bit back.

“She has a point,” Brenna added. “You aren’t the worst shot in this room. That’s something.”

“Yeah, but she’s Demi.” Aden dismissed easily. Demi tried to look offended but couldn’t manage it.

“Okay. Fair.” Brenna agreed, and Demi threw up her arms in mock affront now that both of her best friends were turning against her, turning and leading the way out of the shooting range. “But you are still one of the best shots in class. Yeah, you can’t beat me–but you are in the top of the class and you’re sure to get a bunch of great of position offers as soon as we graduate.” Brenna placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

With his ego properly soothed, and the knowledge that Demi was now a bit of a way ahead of them back towards the dorms, Aden stood up a little straighter. “Okay, fine. I don’t hate you.”  The glint in his eye was back too, that just slightly stronger than friendly competition glint. “And I’m not convinced that you are better than me. I’ll catch up with you one day. Mark my words.”

Aden turned on his heel and started a little run to catch up with Demi down the hall.  Brenna smiled and shook her head. “I look forward to it,” She said to no one in particular, before hurrying on to join them as well.

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