Fiction: Melanie’s Threat (504 words)

25 Jan

“I don’t trust you.” Anthony turned around to see his fiancée’s older sister, Melanie, standing there. Somehow, they ended up the last two in the room. He couldn’t remember ever being alone with her before. There was something unsettling about it.

“I’m sorry? I must have misheard you,” he laughed, trying to ease the tension. She smiled, but it didn’t make the feeling in the room any better.

“I don’t trust you. My gut tells me you are going to hurt my sister. And I trust my gut.” She elaborated. She looked at him for a second longer, her eyes narrowing, and he suddenly felt very small. She was half a foot shorter than him, eight years his junior, and his fiancée’s nerdy sister. How was she making them this nervous? “If you hurt her—bad things will happen to you. And yes. That is a threat.”

Anthony was starting to get a little mad now. Who did she think she was? “Well, I’m sure Madison will be glad to hear that you threatened her fiancé at their engagement party.” He tried to counter.

This time, she laughed. It was a light, sweet laugh that reminded him of Madison. He found that even more unsettling. “Oh, I’m sure she won’t like it.  I’ll probably get a stern talking to. ‘Melanie Angela, where do you get off talking to him like that?’” Melanie smiled kindly, lost in thought of her little sister. Then she gave a little shake of her head, and refocused her attention on Anthony. “But she’ll still believe it’s an empty threat. You see, my family doesn’t know what I do with my free time, or who my friends really are. They wouldn’t believe that I could hurt you in any real way.”  She took a step towards him, and he took an automatic step back. She smiled again. “What is important is that you believe I could hurt you.” She took another step forward and he scrambled back until he hit the wall behind him, putting as much space between them as possible. “Excellent.”  She turned around, heading back towards the life of the party. “I’ll be watching you, Anthony.  If I can stop you from hurting my sister, I certainly will.  Make sure not to slip up, okay?”

With a final glance back at him, she left the room—and it was almost like a spell was broken. Anthony laughed at himself, pushing away from the wall and straightening his shirt. Melanie was a geeky homebody. Her friends were obsessed with Doctor Who and Harry Potter. He could understand a sister’s need to protect but really? Such theatrics? Well, he guessed that living half her life in the worlds of fiction, would leave her with delusions of grandeur.  He was an idiot for falling for it.

He stepped back out into the party, and wrapped his arms around Madison’s waist. He spared a glance for the laughing Melanie, discussing some show with her mother.

Really, what could she do anyway?

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