Fiction: Family Choices [Part 2 of 4] (901 words)

19 Jan

When they reached the top of the stairs, Brianna put on her very best dealing with customers smile, and crossed over to the best table in the house, where Davy was practically falling over himself in excitement.  Brianna had to admit, the man certainly did look important. Well, more important than anyone who usually graced Davy’s Inn, at any rate. For starters, he had legitimate body guards, in uniforms and everything, instead of the usual local thugs. There were two of them, making a V behind his chair, back towards the man’s chair, watching the rest of the room.  The one that Brianna could see face on as she approached the table her gave her and the wine bottle a quick one over, before nodding curtly to her, and causally resting his hand on the sword strapped to his hip. The next clue was his clothes.  Most of Davy’s regular customers wore basic browns and blacks, clothes that would hide dirt, and could be worn several times before being washed.  This man’s clothes were a combination of white and pale blue, although he looked a little bit dusty and wrinkled from his travels. He was your typical good looking man, broad shoulders, square jaw, dark hair, dark eyes, that sort of thing, but he looked slightly frazzled, like he had not expected to be here, and he was not quite sure what to do with himself now that he was.  The fact that his hair was starting to curl around the edges due to the humidity was only adding to the frazzled effect. Brianna resisted the urge to laugh, but dipped into a slight bow and presented the wine bottle to Davy.

“Ah, yes. This is our finest wine, and this here is our most knowledgeable waitress.  Anything you want or need to know about Varch, Miss Brianna here can answer it for you. She will be taking care of you while I go back to the kitchen and personally cook your orders for you.”

“Davy, you are too kind to me.” Brianna said with another quick bow. With one quick movement, the bodyguard that Brianna had not seen before drew a dagger and turned to face her.

The second she realized what was happening, Brianna drew her own little knife out of her waistband, and met the guy’s wrist with her own, forcing his knife to point away from her, and took a quick step to the side.  Her reaction time was slow, it had been over a year since she had been last attacked, and she was sure that if this man had honestly wanted to hurt her, he would have.

But he did not. He was honestly just shocked to hear her voice and reacted on instinct to being surprised. But his shock was nothing compared to the shock she felt when she finally got a good look at him.

“Kiley Rae?” She asked, thoroughly convinced she was wrong.

“Winifred?” the bodyguard asked in return. Instantly, Brianna shifted from shocked to angry.

“I haven’t used that name in a long time, and I don’t plan on using it again now. If you will pardon me, Lilith will be more than happy to take care of you for the rest of the evening.” Brianna slipped the knife back into her waistband, and walked away from the table, leaving four very shocked men in her wake. She passed Lilith, who was also staring at her with her mouth hanging open. Brianna pushed back through the store rooms into the alley way behind the Inn. A teenaged couple that was doing something inappropriate let out a strangled noise of shock, and disappeared around the corner. Normally, Brianna would chase them down to find out who their parents were, and report them. Today, Brianna found she could not give a rat’s ass.

How dare he show up here? It had been almost nine years since she last laid eyes on Kiley Rae Coney, and it had been equally as long since someone had used her real name. Winifred Brianna Coney grew up with her mother, father, and three years’ older brother, not too far away from this inn. Not exactly well off, nor terribly poor, so Wini thought her life was perfect.  She was going to grow up to be a seamstress like her mother, she loved to read like her father, and she and her brother would practice fighting in the backyard, just in case a war came and they need to sign up to protect their homeland, but that was just all a big game to them. But one morning, six-year-old Wini and nine-year-old Kiley Rae were left alone for the day while their parents went off to a nearby town, so that their mother could do a few alterations for a well-off client. They promised to be home before the first candle burnt out after dark.

Three candles into the night, Kiley Rae and Wini went looking for them. Not too far from Varch town limits, they found their parents, dead, missing everything that could be considered valuable. Being young parents, the Coneys had never considered telling anyone what they wanted done with their children in case of a moment like this. For weeks, arguments were held about what the proper thing to do with Kiley Rae and Wini was. Exactly a month after their parents’ death, they ran.

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