Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Warm (215 words)

16 Dec

She woke up deliciously warm. Her sister must have gotten up early and started the fire ages ago. Hana felt a little guilty at that—technically it was her job to start the fire, but Harlowe must have understood how much she needed the sleep.

Hana set up slowly, holding the blankets to her chest out of habit rather than out of need for the protection from the cold. A soft voice came from behind her. “You okay?”

Hana considered for a second.  In the thoughts of the fire and waking up warm had distracted her from the reason that she and her sister were living in this old hunting cabin rather than the big beautiful farm house that they had both been born in. But then it all came crashing back in on her.

“I’m,” Hana started before taking another second, “Better than I was yesterday.” She answered honestly.

“That’s good,” Harlowe answered, coming forward so that Hana could see her in the fire light, “That’s very good.”

“I thought so too,” Hana gave a half smile, letting the blankets fall into a pile in her lap. “One day at a time.”

Harlowe poked at the fire a bit, sending a spiral of sparks into the air. “That’s all anyone can ask of you.”

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