Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Side Project (199 words)

13 Dec

The Captain’s favorite detective had just staggered out of his office. He offered a smug smile to the other detectives sitting around the room, a wink to one of the cute detectives near the front, and then strolled out of the room.

“He’s not going to get into any trouble at all, is he?” Det. Tuggy turned around to complain to Det. Milton behind her.

“Doubtful,” Milton sighed, not even looking up from the pages on his desk. “He’s the saint, remember? He’s not going to get anything held against him for a very long time.”

“Dammit,” Tuggy sighed, turning back to her own desk, resisting the urge to punch something hard. “I am so sick of him getting away with whatever he wants to get away with.”

“Yeah—well, work on your sucking up skills,” Milton muttered, just loud enough that only Tuggy would be able to hear him, “Rumor has it our Captain can be bought.”

Tuggy let that sentence turn over in her mind a few times before letting a small smile crawl across her face. She knew what her next side project was going to be. And they weren’t going to know what hit them.

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