Fiction: Night Out (540 words)

07 Dec

He burst in through my bedroom door, with Ryleigh close on his heels insisting he not be so rude–but he didn’t stop. “Okay. No more studying. This is insane and cannot be healthy. You are coming out and you are having fun with us whether you like it or not and I simplify will not take no for an answer.”

“Sorry, Anna Belle, but it’s just easier to roll with it when he gets in this mood,” Ryleigh sighed, “He’s on a quest.”

“And I won’t stop until I achieve my goal!” Timothy declared, pumping a fist into the air. “It is Friday night. We are young. We are beautiful. And we are locked away in our house and that is simply not okay.” Timothy stuck out his lip and gave me some pretty impressive puppy dog eyes, “Please, Anna Belle. Please, please, please come out with us tonight.”

“He’s already convinced Priya already–For what it’s worth,” Ryleigh added behind her puppy dog eye donned boyfriend, “We’d really like you to come.”

I thought about it for a second, there was a lot of school work to do–but he was right. It was a Friday night. We were young. We were beautiful. We deserved to have a night of fun. And that was something.

“Okay. Count me in.” I smiled.

“Excellent!” Timothy smiled wide, clapping his hands. “Clean Jeans. Nice Top. Those black heels I saw in your closet the other day. Hair, Make Up, the works. We’ll be back here to get you in forty five minutes.” Timothy grabbed my hand and pulled it in with Ryleigh’s hand like a sports chant. “Ready Break!” He threw all our hands in the air, before dropping mine and dragging a giggling Ryleigh out behind him, swinging my door shut behind him again.

So, I put away the books, cleaned up my work space, and started getting ready according to Timothy’s specifications. And he was good for his word–exactly forty-five minutes later the dot, there was a rapid knocking on my door. “Miss Anna Belle! Ryleigh won’t let me burst in in case you are getting changed or something but it is time for us to go!” He yelled through the door.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” I laughed, crossing the room as quickly as I could. I threw open the door and struck a pose.  Timothy wolf whistled.

“Do I know how to pick an outfit or what?” He grinned.

“Careful now,” Ryleigh teased, “No need to make a girl jealous.”

“Aw, Love,” He sighed, pulling Ryleigh into a spin dip, “You know you are my one and only forever and ever.”  He kissed her squarely on the lips and I had to turn away for a second, embarrassed to be looking. That’s when I saw Priya for the first time.

She was wearing a beautiful low-cut red top, a pair of dark blue jeans, and a pair of red heels that made her look so amazing. I found it kind of hard not to gape at her. But I managed to just give her a smile.

“He’ll do this–once every two months or so,” Priya informed me. “Brace yourself.”

“Good to know,” I laughed, pulling my bedroom door shut behind me.

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