Fiction: Miracle of Life (197 words)

28 Nov

He was sure that she was more beautiful now than she had ever been.  Yes, her face was red and covered in sweat. Yes, her hair was only half still in it’s pony tail and a tangled, damp mess.  Yes, his hand was still throbbing from where she’d nearly broken all the bones in it. But she had never looked so good in all the time he had known her.

“Stop staring at me,” Haley protested weakly, smiling for the first time in hours. “The fruit of my labors is over there. Stare at her.”

“Fruits of your labor. Funny,” Russell chuckled. He didn’t let go of Haley’s hand, but he did look to the nurses who were cleaning and wrapping up their newborn daughter.

“Well, I try,” She quipped, but then she dropped his hand and reached out with both arms to the bundle the nurses were handing her.  Haley smiled, and then made a silly little face when the little girl blinked up at her. “She is so beautiful,” Haley sighed, almost involuntarily.

“You both are,” Russell smiled, kissing both his girls gently on the forehead, “Easily the most beautiful things in the entire world.”

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