Fiction: Warning (164 words)

08 Nov

I want it known that I was a completely normal kid.  I had normal parents. I went to a normal high school. I had a normal little sister (if a touch on the annoying side). I had a normal high school job at the movie theater down the street. I had a normal level of respect and disrespect for my elders. Normal.

Even when I got to college—I was a normal freshman with normal cockiness and normal nerves. I set out to make some very normal friends.  There was no sign during the first nineteen years of my life that anything would end up like this. I was just—Normal.

So—if you’re reading this thinking that this can’t happen to you—That your life could never turn out this way because there has been nothing strange in your world thus far, you are very wrong. It happened to me and it could happen to you. Keep your guard up.

You’ve been warned.

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Posted by on November 8, 2016 in Stories


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