Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Fight (208 words)

07 Nov

The two women knew it had been a high stress week, because they were shouting across the room at each other like they were fourteen years old again.

“Well, all I know is that it is no longer on my jewelry tree, and it’s not like it unhooked itself and ran away!” Lizzie yelled.

“Why would I want your tacky earrings anyway?” Gracie countered, “I could find better jewelry at an elementary school crafts fair.”

“My grandmother bought me those, you bitch!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that your grandmother was blind.”

Insults went back and forth for a little while longer before there was a sharp tap on the door. “Ladies. What seems to be the problem?”

Both women flushed red as they turned to look at the stern face of their RA.  For a moment, no one said anything.  “Well, is it worth screaming and waking up the entire hall over?” The RA pressed on.

“No,” Gracie said quickly.

“I suppose not,” Lizzie conceded.

“Okay. I’m glad we could come to that conclusion together.” The RA pulled the dorm door shut behind her as she left.

Lizzie and Gracie sent each other one last cold glare before returning to their own corners of the room.

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