Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Broken Ship (194 words)

19 Oct

Sarah sat dutifully handing Elizabeth the occasional tissue whenever Elizabeth threw out the one she was currently using.  When Elizabeth seemed to hit a low point in the sniffling, Sarah braved a comment.

“Has anyone ever told you that you are maybe a little too involved in the lives of fictional characters?”

Elizabeth turned and blinked incredulously at Sarah.  Slowly, she lifted a finger to point at the television screen.  “Mark is marrying Anna.  Manna is canon.  Mapril is officially over, delegated to the world of bad fanfiction and obsessive fangirls the likes that haven’t been seen since Harmony from the Harry Potter fandom. From here on out, I will not be able to say I am a Mapril shipper without painting myself with a very specific, bitter and immature sounding paint brush. Today is a day for mourning. And you are going to try to kick me while I’m down?”

Elizabeth blinked at Sarah with wide, innocent, questioning eyes.  Sarah sighed and handed Elizabeth another tissue. Perhaps today wasn’t the day to give Elizabeth a talk about staying rooted in reality.  That could wait for a day when her favorite ship wasn’t sinking.

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