Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Rainy Days (232 words)

18 Oct

The city’s scintillating towers and reflective edifices became somber and dark in the downpour.  I liked it when that happened. So many people thought of this city as lights and signs and energy.  But when it rained like this, properly rained, and the big bosses decided it was safer to turn off all the big lights and the people stayed indoors, and everything was still—that’s when I loved this city the most. That’s when this city actually felt like it belonged to me. Like my home. Like it wasn’t just a crazy city all the tourists came to see. It was a place that people were actually from.

Walter found me dripping out on the balcony, staring out at those somber towers and the empty streets.  He held an umbrella over our heads and sighed.  “You are going to catch your death like this you know.”

“Okay,  mom,  whatever you say,” I scoffed.  I leaned against him, soaking his t-shirt where ever I came into contact with him. He sniffed but didn’t say anything about me moving.

“Why do you come out here, anyway?” He asked.  “What’s the point of being on the balcony? It’s raining. There isn’t even anyone to people watch.”

“I know,” I smiled, pulling Walter’s free arm around my waist, leaning more fully against him, feeling the warmth of him against my wet back. “Isn’t it amazing?”

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