Fiction: Momentary Rage (444 words)

11 Oct

It really wasn’t that hard to imagine. Sure, Kylie was known for being sweet tempered, and  a very nice woman.  But Angel had seen hat Kylie was like whens someone wormed their way under her skin.  It wasn’t hard to make the intellectual leap from that annoyance  to full blown rage.

Angela wanted to shake everyone who said they’d never seen Kylie like this.  Well, of course they hadn’t. Kylie had never been in this kind of situation before.  Kylie was a good person sure, but it would take a saint to not be upset now.  Her livelihood was utterly ruined. The business she had worked to build, the reputation she had put everything on, her plans for her future–all of them were completely and utterly destroyed from top to bottom, and to make matters truly worse–it wasn’t even her fault. No one could expect her to remain level-headed after that.

So yeah, Angela had a good idea of what Kylie looked like right now as she drove to the little farmhouse where she knew Kylie would be waiting. And when Angela got out of he little beat up Volvo and saw Kylie pacing on the farmhouse porch, she was most certainly not disappointed. The way Kylie stomped back and forth, it looked like she was trying to punch holes through the floor with her feet.  As Angela got closer, she could see that Kylie’s face was about as red as it could get.

“I’m going to kill him. Them. Every last one.  How–I mean–How could they imagine that this was okay? How could they think they would get away with this?” Kylie ranted.  Angela leaned against a pillar near the steps, letting Kylie stomp back and forth past her, spewing off her half formed and completely empty threats.

Because in spite of her burst of temper and her completely justified total rage–Kylie was a good person in her heart of hearts, and she would never be able to follow through on a single thing she wished she could do in this moment.

So Angela waited until Kylie’s current burst tired itself out. Kylie turned to look at Angela with a desperate, tragic look. “Angie, what am I going to do?”

Angela pushed away from the pole with her foot, walking forward to wrap an arm carefully around the smaller woman. “First, you’ll take a hot shower, eat at least one bowl of soup, and get eight hours of sleep or at least rest if you don’t think you can sleep. Tomorrow, we can make a real plan. Sounds good?”

Kylie slumped against her, suddenly more exhausted than anything else. “Yes. That sounds excellent.”

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