Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Run Away (252 words)

07 Oct

Sometimes running away isn’t packing a bag and leaving home. Sometimes it is a grand, semi-romantic gesture, that changes your life forever.  Sometimes, it’s hiding the in 2nd and 3rd grade Sunday school room and playing mobile games about winning over Korean pretty boys by choosing the right options in dialogue, when you’re supposed to be in the fellowship hall thanking people for coming.

The door creaked open, and I pressed myself against the wall in a desperate attempt to not be seen.  My sister came into the room and was not fooled by my half attempt to hide behind a child size desk. “You okay?” she asked, before grimacing to herself. It was a stupid question that we’d all been inappropriately asking for weeks now.

“I just got a little fed up, is all.” I tried to smile. It didn’t really work.

“Mom wants us all together. We’re getting a plaque, or something, in honor of Granddad and Mom says we should all be there.” She informed me without much enthusiasm. She was just the messenger.

I closed out of the app without even bothering to save my progress. “Okay. I’ll be out in a second.”

She shrugged, like she didn’t really care if I came out or not. She’d delivered the message and what I did from here on out was on my head.  Maybe she was running away in her own way too.

I took a deep breath. Time to stop running away and face the real world again.

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