Fiction: Violets (199 words)

06 Oct

“I brought you violets.”  Little Annie held up the little bouquet, and I took it carefully from her. “They are my favorite flower, and since I didn’t know your favorite, I brought them.”

“Thank you, Annie,” I took a sniff of the flowers to make her smile, “They are lovely.”

She gave me a big smile and it did actually make me feel better.  After all, when a seven-year-old tries her best to make you feel better—It doesn’t really matter what they do, just the attempt makes you feel better.

“Come on, Annie.  Miss Carter has a lot of people to talk to today,” Annie’s mother put a hand on the little girl’s shoulder, and led her away from me, her own sympathetic smile pointed in my direction for a second.

“Bye Miss Carter,” Annie gave me a little wave before letting herself be turned away.

It wasn’t until hours later, as the memorial service wrapped up, that I realized I still had the little purple flowers clutched in my hand, and just the sight of them made me smile again.  I was going to make sure that little girl got the first thank you card I wrote.

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