Fiction: Green (337 words)

03 Oct

He knew where he’d find her.  It was a beautiful day and she had been in a good mood all morning–He knew exactly where she’d gone.  He grabbed a folded beach town and

It was short walk down passed two houses to the cul-de-sac proper, then he cut in between the six foot privacy fences protecting the neighbors backyards.  Once he cleared them, the woods opened up. It was darker with the leafy-shade, but on a day as clear and as bright as this, there was still plenty of light for him to use to make his way over roots and fallen branches and other forest debris.

He found her the little spot where the trees thinned a little, where leaves didn’t make quite so much of a shadow, but instead cast down a green light on everything below them.  She laid there, looking up at the spots of light dancing in the wind, and smiling serenely to herself. When he found her here, he always thought she looked like some sort of magical creature, a fairy of sorts–who would trade a wish for a promise and seal it with a kiss before sending his world crashing down around his ears and he would love every second of it because that was her magic of doing it all to him.

He approached her carefully, and she turned to smile at him slightly. “You always find me.”

“Well, you always hide in the same space.”  He made a little ‘up’ gesture, and she lifted her head. He took the folded up towel and tucked it under her head, making them a pillow as he laid down next to her.

“You always think of the little details,” she giggled her common refrain.

“You take care of the big dreams, I’ll take care of the little details.” He repeated. As she leaned over and kissed him he realized that was his promise that they were going to seal with a kiss–and he was going to love every second of it.

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