Fiction: Saturday at the Cafe (472 words)

23 Sep

Saturday afternoons were her favorite shift to work. They were always fun for people watching, because on the week days they always got their regulars. Saturday mornings they got the overachievers and the strange actually wanted to be awake then people.   But Saturday afternoon, they got anyone and everyone.

Her personal favorite today—the hangover duo.  She couldn’t tell if they were friends or sisters or lovers or what, but they were definitely hungover.  The red head was clearly worse off. Her curly hair was pulled into a messy knot of a bun on the back of her hair, and her clothes were the kind of sweat shirt and yoga pants that looked like they had been in a ball on her floor for a least a little while now.  She had on very dark sunglasses and a scowl on her face that only got deeper every time the blonde asked her a question. She ended up with the most basic of caffeinated beverage, no cream, only one sugar.  She said a grand total of five words the entire time she was in the store.

The blonde was less obvious about it.  There were circles under her eyes, and she winced every time the timer went off to switch the coffee brewer.  Her clothes looked a little rumpled too, but more like she’d slept in them, less like they’d come out of the laundry basket. She tried to smile though, and seemed to be working to be overly cheery in contrast to her friend’s crass and cranky mood.  She ordered something with a lot of caffeine and a lot of sugar and a healthy amount of whipped cream on top. She also ordered a very greasy over cooked bacon and egg sandwich, looking at the display sandwich like it was mana from heaven.

After they had placed their orders, they stepped to the side to wait, and carried on a hushed, but rapid fire argument with each other.  That was why she wasn’t sure what exactly their relationship with. As they argued, they did seem annoyed, but at the same time there was a careful familiarity and a kindness in their words.  There was no physical intimacy or causal touches, which made her think that Lovers was less likely than friends or family–but then again, it could just be something as small a pair that was anti-PDA and didn’t want to show anything off in front of this room full of strangers.

Eventually, their drinks were called out and the blonde picked them both up, leading the way out of the store, the red head moving behind her at a much slower gait.

Truly, it didn’t seem like much, but they were the biggest mystery of the afternoon, and therefore her favorite customers of the day. Mysteries made the time fly by.

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