Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Spring Cleaning Treasure (391 words)

15 Sep

Melanie dropped the cardboard box down in front of Agatha with little ceremony.  “Look what I found in the back of my closet last week.”  She laughed.

“Oh. My. Goodness.” Agatha laughed, leaning forward off the couch to get a better look at it. “Our ‘Don’t Show Mom’ Box.” Agatha pulled open the top flaps of the old cardboard. “Did you look at what we left in there?”

“Nah,” Melanie sat next to her sister and peeked over the top of box, “I figured I’d wait for you, stroll down memory lane together as it were.”

Agatha pulled out a little zipper pouch and brandished it at her sister.  “The forbidden nail polish.”  She offered with a reverent whisper.

“Glitter infused,” Melanie chuckled, pulling the zipper, and pulling out a sparkly purple, “Guaranteed to make us look ‘Easy’ if our mother was to be believed.” She rolled the bottle back and forth between her hands. “Do you think it still works?”

“I don’t know, try it,” Agatha answered distracted, already looking back into the depths of the box.  As Melanie pulled the half-dry clumped brush out of the little nail polish jar, Agatha pulled out another teenage treasure.

“Magic,” Melanie whispered with a laugh, screw the cap back on the nail polish.

“This book was going to tell us who we going to marry.” Agatha laughed, flipping through the pages to read some of the notes they left their in their loopy, teenaged handwriting.

“Well, of course.  Because a composition notebook we bought off an eleventh grader for twenty bucks obviously has magical powers.”  Melanie made a grab for the notebook, but Agatha lifted the book out of Melanie’s reach.  “Come on, Aggie. Share.”

“It’s my book, Mel. I paid for it.” Agatha got that whiny teenage edge back to her voice. It would never quite go away, no matter how old they got.  Then again, Melanie’s hadn’t gone away either…

“Come ooon, Aggie. Gimme.”  She reached up for it again, and Agatha strained even further away.

“If you want it so much, come and get it.” Agatha sing-songed, slipping up and away from the couch, dancing just out of Melanie’s reach.  She stuck out her tongue before darting down the back hall.

“Oh, you are so on!” Melanie was quick to give chase. After all, that book was magic.

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