Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Pros and Cons (200 words)

06 Sep

“That hurts.” She clutched at her heart dramatically. “I mean, really. You wound me.  How am I supposed to continue on?”

He didn’t even bat an eye. “You being over dramatic is not likely to make me change my mind.  I do not trust you to handle the technology lent to me by my work place, and I am certain you will break something if left unsupervised.”

Her hands fell down to her sides and she gave him a small smile. “Yeah, you’re probably right,” she shrugged, “But that’s why I won’t be unsupervised, I’ll have you by my side the entire time.” When he still didn’t so much as look up at her, she frowned and stomped her foot. “Come on.  If I don’t get to play with the shiny new toys home that you bring home, then what is ever the point of you.”

He still didn’t respond to her taunts, so she stomped out of the room, and he let out a careful breath.  Her money and her home were going to be a great benefit to him—but he was just trying to figure out whether or not her full time presence was really worth it.

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