Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Summer Swim (255 words)

01 Sep

“There are no foxes in the bathhouse, I repeat, no foxes in the bathhouse.”  Lissy whispered conspiratorially, a hand pressed tightly to her ear.

Marnie gave her sister the side eye. “What in the world are you going on about?”

Lissy dropped the false CIA stance.  “No one good looking is at the pool. No good sunbathing eye-candy.”

“Well, believe it or not, I go to the pool to swim, not to stare at people in various stages of undress.” Marnie sniffed.

“Well, believe it or not, you’re a dork.”  Lissy replied, curtly, following her sister back through the fence that surrounded the pool.  “See what I mean, no one good is here.”

Marnie scanned the crowd of teens and twentysomethings gathered around the community pool to try to beat the heat.  He eyes passed quickly over the one man she did actually like to see in various stages of undress, but she hid her smile quickly. “Yeah, I suppose so.  I guess I’ll just have to swim my laps and ignore everyone else just like I had been planning to.  Oh darn.”

Lissy sighed and laid out her towel.  “I’ve still got hope that the first stringers will show up before we have to go home.”  She laid down on her stomach, angled to get the best sun.  “Until then, I guess I’ll just have to amuse myself.”

“You do that,” Marnie dropped her stuff near her sister’s head and made her way over to the roped off section of the pool.  “Have fun.”

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