Fiction: Storms Coming (197 words)

25 Jul

The first crack of thunder set everything into motion.  No matter where they were, Nathan and his son jumped into motion. Storms required work.

Nathan went outside to square away the yard. The shed had to be locked up. The pool had to be covered.  The cloth canopy had to be rolled back in so that it didn’t get soaked and mildew.

Alexander handled the inside of the house. Windows and doors had to fastened and locked.  The dog had to be wrapped up in his special thunder blanket so that he didn’t whimper all the way through the storm. The grate had to be closed in the fireplace to help prevent it from raining into the house.

Whoever finished first (which often depended on what time of year it was) headed to the kitchen and put on the kettle.  After cookies were pulled out of the pantry and hot chocolate was poured into mugs, they both headed up to the converted attic, the only room in the house that had windows looking out in every direction. After that, nothing happened for however long the storm raged.    It was the best way to ride out a storm.

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