Small Breaks

14 Jul

In continuation of “Not My Best Year Ever,”  I spent the beginning of this week being admitted to the hospital after an ER visit, and then being surgically separated from my gallbladder, who all in all had been treating me very poorly anyway.  I’m home now, and I’ll be all fine in no time at all. 

However, I’m on some pretty impressive painkillers for a little while.  Even though writing on strong painkillers sounds like an interesting experiment, I’m not sure that the kind of thing I want to share with the whole world before I get the chance to read it again with a level head.

So, I’m sorry for my absence this week, and I’ll be taking next week off as well.  I’ll be returning to my posting on July 25th.  Mondays-Thursdays I’ll be doing my usual little bits of fiction, and then I will spend Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays catching up for the Legal Theft Project for which I have fallen woefully behind.  Thanks for your patience, and I’ll see you guys back here soon.


~~Bekah Beth Kerr~~

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