Fiction: Go, Team, Go (185 words)

07 Jul

Reinette felt utterly ridiculous.  “This is what you feel like when I make you put on a tux and come to museum dinners with me, isn’t it?”

“I imagine that his outfit is way more comfortable than those terrible tuxedos have I have to wear,” Phillip laughed, gesturing at the jeans and the red and blue jersey his wife was wearing.

“The clothes maybe, but the face paint itches,” Reinette went to scratch at her cheek again, where her husband had painstaking wrote some little slogan that was a big deal to their team. She stopped herself just in time, if she rubbed off the wrong letter, then she would spend the rest of the day with a dirty word on her cheek.  And after Phillip and his friends got drinking and in the sports bro mentality, she couldn’t be certain that he would tell her she had a dirty word on her cheek.

“A Deal’s a deal,” Phillip reminded her.  The same words she had used to get him to go to the last exhibit party.

“Yeah, yeah. Time to embrace that team spirit.”

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