Fiction: Planning (169 words)

04 Jul

Planning their wedding was an interesting experience for Lucinda.  She’d never been sure that she was ever going to get married.  She was never sure that she was the settling down kind.  When she thought about her wedding as a child, as a teenager, even as a younger adult, all she could think of was the Ends that a marriage represented. It was the end of dating. The end of flirty nights out at the bar.  It was the end of the first moments of falling in love. It was the end of changing her life on a whim, because she would be sharing her life with someone else then. All those ends and so much more.

But with Elijah—it was different.  It wasn’t the end. It was the beginning of so much more than Lucinda could have ever imagined. And with him, it wasn’t even hard to face the ends. So planning their wedding was definitely interesting.  It was so much easier than she had ever expected.

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