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Fiction: Finding (493 words)

Oliver made his way through the crowds.  He knew that he’d lost Finley somewhere behind him. But Finley would find him—right now he had to find Alexa.  He was looking at everyone he passed, just for a flash of red hair or the slightly slanted smile.  She had to be here.  She had to be safe.  Finley was—well, Finley was whatever she was to him now.  But Alexa was the closest thing that Oliver had ever considered family.  She was like a sister to him, and life would absolutely never be the same if Alexa weren’t there to be a part of his world anymore. He kept looking and searching, knowing that with each passing face he was running out of options to find her—but he couldn’t make himself slow down.  In fact, in his panic he was making himself rush even more for an answer.

“Slow down, Jerk.  You’re going to knock someone over, and these people are injured, you know.  They don’t need to be jostled anymore.” Oliver had to back track, the voice took too long to register in his head to have him stop on a dime.  He slowed and turned to see that slanted smile pointed at him.  “Hey there, Loser.  I am so glad to see that you are still all in one piece.”

“Lex!” Oliver felt like an eight-year-old all over again.  He ran at her and pulled her up into a tight hug, only to jump away just as quickly when Alexa let out a small yelp.

“Bruised ribs,” Alexa laughed a little, putting a hand gently to her side, “Let’s try to be a touch more gently with me.”

“I’m so sorry,” Oliver sighed, stepping close to her again, “Are you okay? Was it really bad?”

Alexa gave Oliver a slightly haunted look, and understood that it was much like the look he would probably give for the rest of his life.  “It—wasn’t.  It wasn’t good, of course, but it absolutely was not as bad as I thought it might be.”

“Yeah,” Oliver just gave a little shake, “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

“Finley?” Alexa asked carefully, “Do you know?”

“Oh yeah. Yes.  She’s around her somewhere. Fine.”  Oliver straightened up slightly, trying to see if he could find Finley in the crowd.  “She and I are—well—I don’t know. We’re—“

“Complicated,” Alexa laughed and supplied for him, “You and Finley are always complicated though.  Is she okay, is the real question.”

“Fared even better than you and I,” Oliver grinned, “Barely a scratch on her.  How frustrating is that?”

Alexa laughed a proper, gut wrenching laugh, instead of the small slightly hysterical laughs she’d been giving recently. It was an absolutely great sound to hear.  “Incredibly frustrating.  But to be honest, I’m so glad that we can rely on something to be a constant.”

“Finley is definitely a constant,” Oliver agreed, “If nothing else, she’s a constant.”

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Fiction: Storms Coming (197 words)

The first crack of thunder set everything into motion.  No matter where they were, Nathan and his son jumped into motion. Storms required work.

Nathan went outside to square away the yard. The shed had to be locked up. The pool had to be covered.  The cloth canopy had to be rolled back in so that it didn’t get soaked and mildew.

Alexander handled the inside of the house. Windows and doors had to fastened and locked.  The dog had to be wrapped up in his special thunder blanket so that he didn’t whimper all the way through the storm. The grate had to be closed in the fireplace to help prevent it from raining into the house.

Whoever finished first (which often depended on what time of year it was) headed to the kitchen and put on the kettle.  After cookies were pulled out of the pantry and hot chocolate was poured into mugs, they both headed up to the converted attic, the only room in the house that had windows looking out in every direction. After that, nothing happened for however long the storm raged.    It was the best way to ride out a storm.

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Small Breaks

In continuation of “Not My Best Year Ever,”  I spent the beginning of this week being admitted to the hospital after an ER visit, and then being surgically separated from my gallbladder, who all in all had been treating me very poorly anyway.  I’m home now, and I’ll be all fine in no time at all. 

However, I’m on some pretty impressive painkillers for a little while.  Even though writing on strong painkillers sounds like an interesting experiment, I’m not sure that the kind of thing I want to share with the whole world before I get the chance to read it again with a level head.

So, I’m sorry for my absence this week, and I’ll be taking next week off as well.  I’ll be returning to my posting on July 25th.  Mondays-Thursdays I’ll be doing my usual little bits of fiction, and then I will spend Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays catching up for the Legal Theft Project for which I have fallen woefully behind.  Thanks for your patience, and I’ll see you guys back here soon.


~~Bekah Beth Kerr~~

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Fiction: Go, Team, Go (185 words)

Reinette felt utterly ridiculous.  “This is what you feel like when I make you put on a tux and come to museum dinners with me, isn’t it?”

“I imagine that his outfit is way more comfortable than those terrible tuxedos have I have to wear,” Phillip laughed, gesturing at the jeans and the red and blue jersey his wife was wearing.

“The clothes maybe, but the face paint itches,” Reinette went to scratch at her cheek again, where her husband had painstaking wrote some little slogan that was a big deal to their team. She stopped herself just in time, if she rubbed off the wrong letter, then she would spend the rest of the day with a dirty word on her cheek.  And after Phillip and his friends got drinking and in the sports bro mentality, she couldn’t be certain that he would tell her she had a dirty word on her cheek.

“A Deal’s a deal,” Phillip reminded her.  The same words she had used to get him to go to the last exhibit party.

“Yeah, yeah. Time to embrace that team spirit.”

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Fiction: Dinner Party (408 words)

Amelia was hiding in the pantry.  She was a twenty-six-year woman and she felt utterly ridiculous, but she was not coming out anytime soon.

The door started to open, and Amelia made a rough random grab for anything she could be pretending to get, but then she saw it was Luke and dropped the pretense. “I was wondering where you’d gone,” Luke laughed.

“Get in here,” Amelia whispered, pulling him into the panty with her and closing the door behind him.

Luke wrapped an arm around Amelia’s waist, pulling her in a little bit closer in the small space. “Well, well, Amy.  We have guests, and you’re pulling me into closets.  How scandalous.”

Amelia gave him a little flick on the shoulder good naturedly. “Not. What I’m thinking about.  I just, can’t go back out there, Luke.  Who, in their right mind, when invited to dinner, brings three unannounced guests with them as well?” Amelia complained, letting her head fall against Luke’s shoulder.

“Ah, there is your first mistake.” Luke dropped a kiss onto the top of Amelia’s head. “You are assuming that Mary is now, or has ever been, in her right mind.”

“Yeah.  A dumb decision.  We don’t have enough food for everyone, do we?” Amelia groaned, “I’m going to have to cook more.”

“Or.  Or!”  Luke took a small step back and looked at Amelia as best he could in the small space.  “Or, I didn’t find you in the pantry. I found you in the bathroom. You’re so, so sick, you couldn’t possibly join the group again. And since you cooked all of today’s food with your bare hands, it probably for the best if we don’t eat any of the food in case it’s contaminated. It’s probably time for Mary and her friends to go, and as much as I would like to go out with them, I really should stay her and take care of my very, very sick girlfriend.”

Amelia felt like she had not smiled so widely in years.  “Really, you’d lie to your sister for me?”

“To get them out of the house, yeah. And maybe to get to hold you very, very close in a very small space again as a reward for my lying?” Luke couldn’t keep the sultry tone out of the end of his question.

“Maybe,” Amelia offered, “But not the pantry.  We keep food in here.”

Luke kissed her one more time. “Fair enough.”


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Fiction: Holidays (159 words)

It was October.  Which meant it was time for the usual argument.


“We did Christmas with your family last year. It’s time to do Christmas with my family,” Phillip sighed.

“Yeah, but we also did Easter, father’s day, both our birthdays and thanksgiving with your family last year.  Christmas was all I had last year.” Reinette countered, “If you are going to insist on Thanksgiving with your family again, then I am going to insist on Christmas with mine.  It’s only fair.”

Phillip drummed his fingers against his chin in thought.  Which did he want more? Christmas or Thanksgiving?

“So, whoever gets Thanksgiving, the other gets Christmas?” Phillip confirmed.

Reinette watched for a second, trying to see if there was some kind of trick in the question, but then conceded. “Yes, whoever gets Thanksgiving, the other gets Christmas. And I honestly don’t care which one I get.”

“Alright,” Phillip nodded, “I’ll think about and get back to you.”


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Fiction: Planning (169 words)

Planning their wedding was an interesting experience for Lucinda.  She’d never been sure that she was ever going to get married.  She was never sure that she was the settling down kind.  When she thought about her wedding as a child, as a teenager, even as a younger adult, all she could think of was the Ends that a marriage represented. It was the end of dating. The end of flirty nights out at the bar.  It was the end of the first moments of falling in love. It was the end of changing her life on a whim, because she would be sharing her life with someone else then. All those ends and so much more.

But with Elijah—it was different.  It wasn’t the end. It was the beginning of so much more than Lucinda could have ever imagined. And with him, it wasn’t even hard to face the ends. So planning their wedding was definitely interesting.  It was so much easier than she had ever expected.

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