Fiction: Touches (232 words)

29 Jun

Since they lost his sister, Alex realized that his father touched him a lot more.  A hand on his shoulder as he reached past him to grab a fork from the drawer.  A pat on the head when Alex was on his laptop and his dad walked passed the couch.  A gentle flick on the ear whenever Alex said something that his mother would have scolded him for and his dad had to pretend that he didn’t find funny.

Alex had never been a touchy feely kind of guy, and for a little while he was annoyed at his father’s contact.  But then something occurred to him.  Alex was never a touchy feely guy, but his sister.  She was a hugger and a tapper and always ready to cuddle with her father. And whether he noticed it or not, Alex’s father was missing that contact, and trying to get it in little ways from Alex.   So, he had to find a way to return the favor, at least for a little while, to ease his father’s sudden lack of contact.

But he couldn’t start running up and hugging his dad when he came in the front door. That would be too strange for both of them. So he’d have to find some other little ways to touch him back.  It’d be an adjustment—but with her gone, everything would have to change.

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