Fiction: Bungee (166 words)

28 Jun

“What are we doing with our lives?”  Skyler groaned, looking down over the edge of the bridge.

“Living them, silly,” Michelle laughed, “Aren’t you the one who told me we need to take more risks? Have more grand experiences?”

“I don’t think I meant jumping off bridges with nothing but an over grown rubber band to protect us was really what I meant.” Skyler swallowed hard, looking down at the river below them again.

“Well, it was either this or skydiving. Would you like to switch?”  Michelle grinned, also leaning over the rail to look down at the river below them, bouncing on the balls of her toes in excitement rather than fear.

“No,” Skyler said quickly, “No, I would absolutely not like to switch.”   Skyler looked over and, in spite of herself, grinned at Michelle’s excitement.  “Sometimes you are an awful lot like your mother, you know that?”

Michelle gave a half shrug, “You know, I’m beginning to realize that’s not always a bad thing.”

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Posted by on June 28, 2016 in Stories


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