Fiction: Five and Half Days (156 words)

27 Jun

Emily had gone five and half days without speaking to to her mother.  This was how it went for them.  They’d be fine, for a little while, and then something would explode.  Emily and her mother would be at each other’s throats, fighting over something small that was representing something so much bigger. And then they just didn’t talk.  They co-existed under the same roof while pretending they didn’t know the other was there.  The longest they had gone was twenty two days and three hours before Emily caved and talked to her mother. That one was actually really uncomfortable, and Emily never hoped to do it again. After all, that was over something so stupid and childish.

But this time, this time it wasn’t so easily forgiven.  This time, Emily wasn’t going to talk to her mother again until her mother made it right.  Because after all, Emily was definitely in the right this time.

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Posted by on June 27, 2016 in Stories


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