Fiction: Too Much (273 words)

20 Jun

Eugene patted Jack roughly on the shoulder.  Jack had had too much to drink again. He always had too much to drink around this time of year.  Whether he’d admit it or not, as they came up to the anniversary of his divorce to Olivia, Jack got moody and turned into a little bit of a lush.

Not that Eugene could blame him of course.  If Eugene had let someone as good as Olivia slip through his fingers, well, he figured he’d spend more time in a bottle than he did sober. The fact that Jack was sober and productive for a majority of the year was a damned miracle in Eugene’s mind.

But now, a couple years on, with Jack’s mind half-fuzzed by alcohol, Eugene thought maybe he could get an answer that he always wanted to hear.  “Jack mate, can I ask you a question?”

Jack grinned up at Eugene, making eye contact more with Eugene’s nose then his eyes. “Of course, my friend. What do you want to know?”

“I’ve always wanted to know–Why? Why did you and Livy call it quits? You two seemed so–”

“Perfect for each other.” Jack answered with a nod. “Yeah.  We almost were. But in order to stay together, one of us would have had to give up the dream. Dreams were incon-incur-incor…” Jack shook his head in frustration.

“Incompatible?” Eugene offered.

Jack put his hand gently on Eugene’s chest in thanks. “Yes. That. Thank you.”

“No problem, Jack.”  Eugene slipped a supporting hand around Jack’s back. “Hey, let’s get you home, yeah? What do you say?”

“Home,” Jack grinned.  “Yeah, I like home.”

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