Fiction: Yellow (226 words)

16 Jun

“I thought we could wear yellow,” Emily suggested weakly, holding out the flyer for the mother daughter tea that Nancy had left stuck to the front of the fridge.  “You always say I look good in yellow.  And our coloring are so similar than that must mean you look good in yellow too.”

It was a peace offering.  It was Emily meeting her mother half way after weeks of back and forth bickering.  It was maybe the last moment of peace that Nancy was going to get until Emily finally hit her mid-twenties and stopped this whole war against her mother.

And now Nancy was left with a dilemma. Did she just ignore the mistreatments that had happened by her daughter in the last couple of weeks, in favor for this peace offering? Did she appreciate the calm in the eye of the storm, and let things lie?

Or did she make her daughter face what she’d said, what she’d done, to her mother over the last couple of weeks?  Did she push back against her daughter and make her understand that this was a peace offering too small, that she needed a better apology to make things better?

To be honest, Nancy didn’t know what the right answer was.  No one had ever prepared her for this kind of thing in all their parenting advice.

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