Fiction: Rain (263 words)

14 Jun

Luke watched carefully as Amelia stared out the window.  He knew it was coming.  He knew her too well.  Slowly she turned to look at him, and he gave a little sigh.  “You want to go play in the rain, don’t you?”

She gave a half little shrug and smiled at him.  “Only if you want to.”

He considered saying no, just for a moment.  But, like always, he knew he’d never really be able to say no to her.  Not really.  “Okay, let me go put better shoes on.”

She jumped up and kissed him on the cheek before running off to the hall closet to find her rain jacket.

Luke fell in love with Amelia in a rain storm much like this one.  She was just a little tipsy, and she’d run out into the rain to spin in a circle and turn her face up to the sky.  He thought that it might have been the alcohol that made her do that.  But he’d learned after a couple of times that it wasn’t drinking that made her like that, it was the rain.

And there was something so magical about a woman who could enjoy the rain like a child, but still be a woman fully in charge of her own world.  And he fell in love with her watching her spin around with rain falling down her face. And that was wonderful.

So every time she got that look staring out the window, he was going to change his shoes, and go out to watch her in the rain.

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