Fiction: Bump in the Night (232 words)

13 Jun

Reinette sat bolt upright, and the movement stirred Phillip from his sleep.  He groaned in preparation of what was about to come.

“Phillip. What was that sound?” Reinette shook her husband by the shoulder.

“I was nothing. Please go back to sleep.” Phillip groaned.

“No, Phillip, I know I heard something.”  Reinette shook his shoulder again.

He propped himself up on her elbows. “It was the pipes settling, or it was the wind blowing against the window, or the ice maker kicking in, just like it always is.”

Reinette flipped on the light on her bedside table. “But if this is the one time it isn’t?” She asked, looking worried.

Phillip blinked bleary eyed at his wife. “Reinie. Please.” He whined a little.

Reinette sighed, “No, I guess, I’m sure you’re right.”  Reinette turned off the light and settled back into her blankets.  “Sorry I woke you, love. Good night.”

Phillip snuggled back into the blankets too and tried to shut his eyes.   But then his eyes popped open wide again.  He tried to ignore it, he really did.  But then he sat up, grabbed the baseball bat he kept leaning against his bedside table, and stood up.

“I love you,” Reinette whispered from her side of the bed.  And Phillip went off to be menacing to the settling pipes, the wind blowing against the window, and the ice maker kicking in.


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